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Give me a little SUGAR

One of the first things I tell my new Nutritional Therapy clients is “cut out the sugar!” Well, I don’t say it quite like that….

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RELAX…then eat

There’s something to be said for saying grace before eating, but even if praying isn’t for you, taking a moment to calm yourself, center and…

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BONE BROTH: nature’s miracle food

WHY BONE BROTH? ​If you are struggling with digestion, tooth decay, lack of energy, blood sugar handling or any assortment of health concerns, bone broth is…

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Guess what? FAT is actually really, deliciously, indisputably good for you!

Fat has gotten a really bad rap over the last fifty years. The low-fat craze has left a cascade of health issues in it’s wake…

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WATER: Shocking, I know.

A lot of people are stunned by the amount of water they should actually be drinking in a day. The so commonly recommended eight glasses…

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