Jen Hutter


In 2014, my body started screaming at me. Even though I was doing CrossFit five times a week and eating a paleo diet, I was gaining weight and worse yet I was getting sick 10-12 times per year and having trouble falling asleep and staying asleep. I worked with nearly a dozen naturopathic and homeopathic doctors, acupuncturists, nutritionists, and coaches. Each one ran a series of tests and then worked to solve the numbers on those tests to no avail. I knew from my first session with Ishbel that her holistic approach and focus on the mind-body connection were going to be different. Working with Ishbel this year has been life-changing for me! Her level of holistic knowledge and support allowed me to have a much deeper understanding of myself and my body. For the first time in my life, I am actually listening to my body with a compassionate heart and learning to work with my body instead of against it. Ishbel’s level of dedication and support comes truly from her heart. I wholeheartedly recommend working with her!


I signed up for Ishbel’s nutritional therapy program about 1 year ago. I originally hired her because I have a couple of health issues I wanted to address in a natural non-pharmaceutical way, if at all possible. I believe in a holistic approach to healing and could not find the support or knowledge in the medical community.

With Ishbel’s wealth of information, and her caring, compassionate and encouraging support, I’ve been able to keep my health issues under control using natural nutritional support rather than starting down the path of being stuck on pharmaceutical drugs.

Not only have I been able to stay prescription-free, but I’ve also made lasting changes to my diet, lost weight, figured out what foods are my friends and what foods are best for me to stay away from. I’ve also noticed I am sleeping better and have more energy throughout the day. It’s different for everyone which is why having a nutritional therapist in my corner has been tremendously helpful.

And while this process was at times frustrating, I wanted to give up several times, the results have been worth it. Ishbel understands the struggles, frustrations, and benefits of making lasting nutritional changes and will be with you every step of the way.

Rhonnye Morton
Scott Bruton


Ishbel makes you feel at ease. She’s caring and passionate about her work. She takes the time to really listen and get a good understanding of what’s going on. I saw great improvement in my health. The bloating and feeling of fullness in my gut is gone. I also noticed decreased joint stiffness and pain, primarily in my knees where I have arthritis. I also lost about 10lbs which was an added bonus. As someone who takes a more natural and holistic approach to my health, working with Ishbel allowed me to stay in my comfort zone. When I had questions or concerns, she was always responsive and had alternative solutions.


I started working with Ishbel in 2012, and she has changed my life! Initially, I was looking for a private Pilates instructor as mine was moving. I simply wanted to maintain a Pilates regime. However, Ishbel elevates Pilates to a whole new level. She has a way of honing in on your feedback and guiding your movements for optimal improvement in range of motion and strength. A year and three months ago, I started her nutritional counseling program. Since then I have lost 29 lbs. and 21 inches. More importantly, however, I have alleviated morning stiffness and pain in my feet, lowered my resting heart rate by 10 beats per minute, and improved my sleep quality tenfold! With Ishbel, I learned how to mitigate food cravings.I now know they are not a matter of willpower but my body’s feedback. For the first time in my life, I have made a sustainable lifestyle change in my diet. It is not based on deprivation, but instead on knowledge of what my body needs to function at its best. Now, refined-carb treats have become just that – treats – not gateways to over-indulgence. Ishbel has an amazing judgment-free manner of eliciting accountability. I have learned to listen to my body and now recognize the interconnectivity of body, mind, and spirit. My improved quality of life is a direct result of Ishbel’s three-discipline approach – body, mind, and spirit. If you are wondering if Ishbel’s programs will work for you, I encourage you to try it.



I have multiple sclerosis, a degenerative nerve disease. I met Ishbel when I moved to Portland almost 3 years ago, searching (and hoping) to find a Pilates instructor similar to the one I had in Philadelphia. What I found was so much value-added, it is hard to describe. But I will bullet point some highlights: A bright, intelligent compassionate human being who wanted to learn as much as possible about my condition and its effects on my body---and learn about my personality and life. Someone who took her time to observe my performance (or lack thereof) in our initial sessions before developing a personalized treatment plan. There is nothing cookie-cutter about her approach to my care and physical activity level. And the treatment plan is a work in progress, being modified as needed. Of course, Ishbel maintains knowledge about any new improvements in her field. Someone who starts every session with "How is your body?" in case modifications needs to be made that day. Someone who is able to break an exercise into components to allow a stepped approach to the full exercise, if required. Someone who is very knowledgeable about the muscles of the body and the way they perform. In regards to my nutrition, Ishbel is well-versed in the connection between what we eat and how it affects our overall health. Her counseling to me has been invaluable as I transitioned to an anti-inflammatory diet. I am a healthcare practitioner - a dentist for over 40 years. I can recognize an honest, caring superstar and separate them from someone with polished marketing skills, but nothing else. Ishbel is the real deal!!! After 3 years of working with Ishbel, I feel great, have few limitations, and am much more flexible. My mental health is also better because of my improved physical health. I would welcome anyone wanting to reach out to me to feel welcome to do so.


I was struggling with inflammation, digestive issues, and stomach discomfort. I also wanted to lose weight. Ishbel spent time discussing my concerns and goals and also checked points of discomfort along my digestive tract. She came up with a plan that provided step-by-step instructions and supplement recommendations. I noticed immediate relief and a significant change in the way I felt and looked. I was willing to follow her instructions exactly because I needed the pain and discomfort to stop. I have so enjoyed Ishbel as a trainer and nutritional therapist. She's helped me to identify the foods that trigger a reaction in my body and devised tasty ways for me to avoid those foods. Thus far I have lost 15 pounds and have gained strength. I have never felt so good inside and out!



Ishbel has changed my life for the better in so many ways. I have an autoimmune condition and I have worked with her in both the one-on-one and group class context. She has been so helpful in helping me change my relationship with food, change my diet and develop an exercise program. I feel so much better since implementing her nutritional tips and recipes. She never judges you and really listens to you. Ishbel has helped me with my exercise program as I have hyper-flexibility. I now understand how I can prevent possible future injuries and feel more empowered in my day-to-day living. Ishbel is professional, empathetic, and such a kind and caring human being! I am so fortunate to have found her!


As a nutritional therapist, Ishbel is transparent in explaining the nutritional protocol process, and the trial-and-error nature of determining food reactions. She is realistic and supportive, understanding the commitment it takes to modify your eating habits. I was a caffeine addict for most of my life. Caffeine magnified my anxiety, it altered my body's ability to manage blood sugar levels and it worsened my skin condition. I have been de-caffeinated for over 9 months; my skin has cleared, and my anxiety reduced. My blood sugar levels are better managed because of the dietary changes I have made in addition to the omission of caffeine. I continue to learn alternative ways to prepare meals that don't trigger adverse reactions and are delicious as well. I've also learned not to spend hours beating myself up when I choose to eat foods I know will trigger reactions. If working with her in a nutritional therapy program, be committed to making the change and she will be there every step of the way. Be honest about what you are thinking and feeling, and maintain a food journal. The nutritional therapy process is extremely challenging but you will have one of the most effective coaches by your side. It's all a process, a pilgrimage, which will continue the rest of your life.

Emily Bruton


Ishbel Cavaleri and I have discussed my health concerns for years. I was struggling with a number of issues - migraines, gut discomfort, fatigue, brain fog, depressive moods, irritability, hormonal irregularities and post baby weight that wouldn't budge. I began her Nutritional Therapy Program in June of 2020. After doing the blood and GI testing, I was shocked to find out that these microscopic things in my gut could be reeking such havoc on my entire body! Ishbel walked me through every single detail. She took the time to make sure I understood the science behind her recommendations. Ishbel genuinely cares about her clients. She made me feel heard and understood. I completed her GI protocol and I can honestly say that I feel better at 36 than I did at 28. My migraines have decreased significantly from daily to monthly (I'm currently doing her Hormone Therapy Program to understand this piece further). My gut issues have all but disappeared and if I do have a stomach ache, bloating or gas I know exactly why and how to make better diet choices next time. My brain fog is gone. My unexplained fatigue is also gone. I lost 8lbs and nearly have my pre pregnancy body back! I also have found the energy to get up in the mornings and exercise (something I never thought I'd do). I found that my diet really affects my mood and when I'm strict with what I eat I feel less irritable and happier. I'm really looking forward to working with her on the hormone piece to my health puzzle. I cannot recommend Ishbel enough.


Ishbel was recommended to me by a close friend. I had been trying to lose weight, but was stuck after some minor initial weight loss. What I found most refreshing about Ishbel’s approach was that she catered my program to my body. It wasn’t a generic diet. She ran tests and learned about my personal habits. From there, she created a protocol personal to me. I had always struggled with upset stomach and belly pain. She helped me revamp how I eat and gently changed my diet in a way that I never deprived myself. I was able to eat foods I enjoyed and learned how to take better care of myself. She also helped me with an exercise plan that was personal to me as well. Over the past months, I’ve lost 40 pounds, no longer struggle with upset stomach and have gotten off my high blood pressure medication. The personalized treatment that Ishbel offers is unparalleled. I’m so grateful that I was introduced to her. It’s been life changing for me.



I travelled to South America and returned home with a dreadful stomach condition. I was in and out of the hospital and lost a considerable amount of weight. None of my doctors could figure out what was wrong with me, and I was starting to look down the path of my life and wonder if I was ever going to feel normal again. Ishbel was recommended to me by my naturopath, and within three days all following Ishbel’s initial suggestions, all of my stomach pain was gone. Ishbel’s process is tough, and while my stomach pain improved dramatically and quickly, the real work that needed to be done to heal my belly took several months. Ishbel used several tests to better understand what had happened to my stomach, and then designed a custom protocol for me. She supported me every step of the way and was always quick to address my needs. Ishbel is kind and a really good listener. I now recommend her to everyone because not only am I out of pain, but I feel the best I’ve ever felt in my entire life! Ishbel’s work with me has been nothing short of remarkable!


I came to pilates in 2010 at age 55. I started working with Ishbel due to significant instability in my sacrum requiring ongoing prolotherapy treatments, a shoulder injury I had been advised to fix surgically, and lost abs, inner thighs, and various other muscles that had stopped working properly. I injured easily, my legs going out from under me causing falls, and my mid-back/side spasmed frequently when doing routine housework.Today my work with Ishbel enables me to have no pain in my sacrum or my shoulder, discontinuing prolotherapy and avoiding surgery. My abs can support me, and my inner thighs have learned their function. My body gets addressed and stretched/worked appropriately. I am definitely a work in progress, but significant progress has been made.Entering a pilates studio was intimidating; being unable to perform simple exercises highly embarrassing. Ishbel's warmth and compassion allowed me to relax, learn to breathe, and start the work slowly. Her skill level in being able to reduce my body pain through movement has been remarkable. I call seeing Ishbel "therapy for the body". I am very lucky to have found her.

Sally Swope


I began working with Ishbel in 2011. I initially went to see her in preparation for knee replacement surgery which was successfully completed in the Spring of 2012. Her early work with me centered around strengthening my right leg, increasing balance and re-adjusting my core strength for the upcoming surgery. After the knee replacement, I forewent physical therapy and did my rehab with Ishbel instead. We continued to work on overall conditioning, strength and flexibility. My rehabilitation has transformed into an exercise routine that has significantly benefited my “real” sports of cycling, skiing and golf. What began as a necessary evil has morphed into a passion for the “art” of Pilates and the challenges of continual improvement. Pilates is vastly different from any other sport that I’ve played. With Pilates, there is no way to keep score, measure time or reduce strokes. Rather it is a personal challenge of self-measurement and individual rewards. I firmly believe that it will make the aging process significantly easier with fewer minor aches and pains. Ishbel is a great motivator . She pushes when she should and back’s off when appropriate. Ishbel is the female version of one of my mentors from growing up who set the standard for physical conditioning, positive attitudes and finding the fun in workout out.”

Amber K

I was in a car accident four years ago and suffered a traumatic brain injury. I lost muscle control on my right side in my arm, leg and core. I have been working with Ishbel for a couple of years. Through hard work and persistence, I continue to regain control and strength throughout my body and see considerable improvements on the right side of my body. When I first came to see Ishbel I was having trouble making the connection between my brain and my body and thus a lot of the physical therapy exercises I was trying to do were nearly impossible. Ishbel has a way of explaining things to me that allows me to make that connection and as a result regain control of my body. Because of this I've nicknamed her the Muscle Whisperer.”

Amber Kenyon
Dahlia Bartz


I have been doing FaceTime sessions with Ishbel Cavaleri since 2015, and I am absolutely amazed at how well it has worked for me. I have some very tricky physical issues due to a congenital brain malformation and the impact that has had on my central nervous system. I’ve been practicing yoga, qigong and meditation for over thirty years, (in fact, I’m a meditation counselor myself) and I needed someone to help me fine-tune my practice. Ishbel has given me so much more! Ishbel has highly attuned sight and sensitivity and she is able to watch me (on my ipad!) and make very subtle and perceptive adjustments in how I’m using my body to do the movements that she suggests. She has an astounding understanding of how the body works and seems to have a never-ending repertoire of exercises to address any imbalances that we discover together. Notice that I didn’t say “problems”. Ishbel doesn’t allow me to see my body as a problem or as the pain in the ass that I often feel that it is. Instead, we simply work together to honor my limitations, to stretch and relax my tensions, to strengthen my weaknesses and to build on my strengths. I come away from each of our sessions with new insights, a greater feeling of connection and integrity in my body and a solid understanding of how to better support myself and why. I am so thankful to Ishbel for our wonderful weekly time together. Oh, and did I mention that we laugh a lot?"


If you are looking for a Pilates class that will challenge you, relax you, use all your muscle groups, and inspire you, look no further. I am a 70 something year old woman who was an athlete. Then came aging, arthritis, and new knees, and my running and skiing days came to a screaming halt. However, all is not lost. Ishbel has been phenomenal at challenging me and other classmates of all different levels to work towards their goals in whatever way is best for them. Ishbel comes up with accommodations for each person, if needed, and provides various levels of the particular exercise for each student to do, depending on their ability. Ishbel is knowledgeable about a wide variety of things related to strengthening, toning, and helping the body be the best it can be, and serves a healthy dose of humor along with it. Ishbel has helped this aging body retain and increase its strength and mobility, and in so doing, has decreased pain and created a sense of well being. Ishbel somehow works wonders, and my body greatly appreciates it."

Michelle Hribar


Ishbel is one of the loveliest people I know--she is warm, compassionate, and extremely dedicated to her clients. She addressed my issues with a wealth of knowledge and explanation, and helped me learn how to exercise safely to manage my back pain while building strength and fitness.
The difference in my back is amazing--I rarely have pain now and can do almost every exercise with ease. I never expected these results when years of physical therapy did little to improve my back pain; to say I'm thrilled is an understatement. Working with Ishbel has been life changing for me; I highly recommend her!


I am hypermobile and initially came to Ishbel with chronic mid-back pain. Ishbel was extremely knowledgeable with respect to my specific needs, and immediately developed a program to help me gain strength and maintain my flexibility, all the while taking into account my hypermobility. I have now worked with her for a couple of years and see her twice a week for private sessions; she has been invaluable in helping me feel strong and healthy throughout my pregnancy. She has even offered me nutritional support and was instrumental in guiding me to the right people to help me diagnose and treat an autoimmune disease that I was unaware I had. Ishbel is not only an expert in Pilates, health and fitness but is also a wonderfully kind and genuine person and a pleasure to work with. She truly cares about the wellbeing of her clients and it shows through her work and commitment to them.

Katrine Ehlen
Tammy Hansen


When I first started working with Ishbel, my goal was being more flexible and working through knee and ankle pain. I had ankle surgery and suffered with pain. I was in need of two new knees and had a lot of pain in both knees. Ishbel helped me with all of my goals. She has a natural ability to assess pain and the best way to help you move forward to a lot less pain. I have never worked with someone that has her natural intuitive gift to help clients on relaxation, health and pain issues. When I had my knee replacement Ishbel truly was the reason that I healed and recovered. Even my surgeon was amazed at my healing process. Ishbel is caring and insightful and worked at a perfect pace for me. She knew just what I needed each and every time I saw her for treatment. I really needed my knee to move and she did this in a gentle way that was perfect for me. My knee felt so much better every time I worked with Ishbel, and I had less pain and more movement. Ishbel is a joy to work with at all times. I've taken group Pilates, video lessons, and private lessons with Ishbel. In all of these situations, she guides, encourages, and just knows what is needed to accomplish her client’s goals. Ishbel is so in tuned to the needs of her clients, and I quickly realized that she is an amazing person with a healing gift. If you are considering working with Ishbel know that she is intuitive, gives her clients 100% and has great talent.


I have been seeing Ishbel since 2009 for my various injuries due to golfing and an aging body. My injuries have included severe and debilitating back issues and pain and also extreme pain in both knees including the inability to walk. I was diagnosed with “bone on bone” in my knees and my orthopedic surgeon recommended that I get total knee surgery for BOTH knees. Instead of having surgeries, I increased my appointments with Ishbel to focus on her rehabilitation techniques and exercises.

I can now play golf again with little to no pain. Ishbel is amazing and an EXPERT in understanding each of her client’s body tendencies. She has been able to assess my injuries by studying my movements and pain areas and then formulate an exercise/body movement plan to slowly improve, reduce and eliminate pain. I continue to have appointments with Ishbel to prevent future injuries and maintain my current body state.

Ishbel is the kindest and most positive person I know. She genuinely LOVES her job and it shows. She is truly unique because she cares about her client’s so much and goes above and beyond to assist them. Ishbel is innovative and a visionary in her field. I have seen other rehabilitative physical therapists and practitioners and NO ONE compares to Ishbel. I don’t know what my quality of life would be without Ishbel as the pain I have had in the past was unbearable. I can’t thank Ishbel enough for continuing to work with me and caring about my health and well being. She has really been a gift in my life and I am so happy that I found her.

Donna Noce
Makenna Clizer


I am a 2 sport college athlete playing D3 soccer and softball. I have seen Ishbel for almost 2 years. I first met with Ishbel on recommendation from my grandma. I had injured my knee during high school weight training class and the pain did not go away for weeks. I saw our orthopedic surgeon and got x-rays and he diagnosed me with a strained ACL and prescribed me to work with a physical therapist. After 7 PT appointments and spending $900, I still had the same amount of pain. I was so frustrated and worried as my knee wasn’t improving and softball season had already started and I could not participate.

Ishbel worked with me for a couple of appointments. She listened to me explain my injury and pain. She studied my body movements, then assessed what was causing my knee pain. She gave me a series of exercises and stressed the importance of doing these daily to reduce my pain and strengthen the weaknesses in my body that were causing my knee problems. Her goal is to help her clients help themselves rather than charging them exorbitant amounts of money for her services. I was able to improve my body to eliminate the pain and finish out my high school and club softball seasons.

I have had a couple of injuries during my college seasons and I email Ishbel and she gives me different exercises to help rehabilitate me since I am not in the Portland area during college. I recently saw her for an appointment as I am currently having minor pain in BOTH knees and it is unbelievable how she is able to assess what is causing the pain and I am now on a different exercise plan to eliminate this pain so I can prepare for my upcoming college soccer season.

I call Ishbel “The Wizard”!! She is exceptional and the best! I have worked with PT’s in high school and college and they do not compare to Ishbel’s knowledge level or expertise. She is absolutely THE EXPERT in her field. She is also punctual, caring and responsive to her clients. Thank you Ishbel as you have made a difference in my athletic career!

Ishbel’s goal is to help her clients help themselves rather than charging them exorbitant amounts of money for her services.


I am a 2 sport student athlete and play high school and club soccer and lacrosse. I was having debilitating back pain radiating down on both sides of my body. I was diagnosed with piriformis syndrome. I had to sit out practices and games and could barely walk. I contacted Ishbel and she sent me a video of a daily exercise routine and in a couple of weeks I was practicing and playing entire games. The high school PT gave me exercises which did not help my injury and that is why I contacted Ishbel. I was shocked at my progress and improvement. Ishbel is INCREDIBLE!

Logan Clizer
Anne Gooselaw


I've been taking Pilates with Ishbel for 5+ years and I absolutely love her classes. She was my very first Pilates teacher and will be my last! Her knowledge of Pilates exercises and the human body is impressive and shows throughout every class. In every class, she does a great job explaining the exercise, makes it fun, adjusts it to meet your level (whether a beginner or advanced) and designs her classes so that the exercises meet the needs of her client's goals, aches and pains each week. She's so personable and easy to work with, that I still feel very connected to her and her classes even from the room of choice in my home while doing her classes virtually. I've taken a few of the classes she offers over the years. They have all made me stronger and more flexible which was very important to me as I'm approaching my mid 50's. Ishbel designs her classes where we use a Pilates ball, hand weights, a foam roller and therabands- all of which I love using plus it keeps it interesting and offers variety. If you don't own some of the Pilates equipment then she always has a great idea about what you could do or use to get the same experience. I would highly recommend Ishbel to anyone who is looking for not only an amazing Pilates instructor, but also someone who is very cool, makes you feel good about yourself, listens to you, cares about you and is extremely knowledgeable in many areas when it comes to your health and well being."


Ishbel is one of the most experienced, skilled and compassionate health practitioners I’ve ever had the good fortune to work with. From nutritional therapy, to body mechanics, to online classes for strength and flexibility, to private embodiment sessions, Ishbel is a gifted and knowledgeable practitioner who can connect the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual dots in a way that leads to true health and vitality. Working with Ishbel in a holistic way is not just a pleasure, it’s also the most effective approach I’ve found to supporting my physical well-being. Her breadth of knowledge, her ability to intuit what’s needed in each encounter, and the skillful precision of her recommendations, are what make her so effective. Ishbel is a 10 out of 10!



Healer Extraordinaire! Ishbel has been insightful and compassionate in her approach to my concerns and goals for improvement. In addition to her musculoskeletal knowledge, she has an appreciation of my body’s needs and an intuitive sense of where and how my body is out of alignment. She has helped me understand how years of misuse have created the challenges I face with my hip and low back pain. Her individualized treatment protocols have allowed me to discover my response to stress and where and when I can push myself and when I need to pull back. Her kind approach and patience with my questions have had a profound effect on my healing body/mind/spirit. Love, Love Love!!


Ishbel pays close attention to what you say about your body and its current and ongoing state. She also watches you in motion and gets details from what your body is showing her. She uses this information to guide you through exercises, and modifies them so that you are moving helpfully, and not hurting yourself. Ishbel keeps track of all students in a class, and guides each person as suits their body best. I go to Ishbel's classes because they keep me moving. It's so hard to maintain an exercise regimen these days, and having something on the schedule is a way to take care of myself. Ishbel provides kind guidance and cares for each student. She meets you where you are and helps you get to where you want to be. I highly recommend Ishbel as an instructor.



Ishbel is fun, supportive, exceptionally informed in anatomy, physiology and nutrition. She truly cares about each individual's progress and her sense of humor and laughter are contagious. Her on-line classes have helped me manage the physical and mental stressors of this past year that I couldn't have managed on my own. Her pilates classes are challenging, never impossible because of her pacing and modifications... and she remembers what challenges each student has once she works with you awhile. I have had chronic SI/low back/hip pain and neck/shoulder pain for over 10 years. With the combination of physical therapy and her pilates classes this past year, I have learned how to reduce the pain and have increased my core strength and endurance. My abs are stronger than they have ever been in my adult life, and I'm 60 years old! If you decide to take one of Ishbel's pilates classes, be honest about what is happening with your body, and she will help you.


I’ve been taking 2 classes a week with Ishbel for six months; I’m so grateful to have included her classes in my routine. There are so many benefits: My jeans fit better. I’m stretching. I’m building muscle. She makes me laugh. I’m taking good care of myself. Every class is different. My mind, body and spirit are grateful. She makes class fun; sometimes I don’t realize it was a “tough” class til later – and I’m thankful it was tough. It’s a quick hour. She is an exceptionally good teacher. I love that she incorporates light hand weights. I’m actually looking forward to being in a bathing suit for the first time in years.
I feel fantastic. I highly recommend being good to yourself by taking classes with Ishbel!