Since 2002 Ishbel has been helping her clients recover from injury, improve performance and take care of their unique biomechanics. Learn Ishbel’s holistic approach to healing and challenging the musculoskeletal body for a lifetime of strength, balance and fluidity.

Curious what the Movement Therapy process is like? Read this blog post to


Every body is truly unique and has its own story. 

Expect to be wowed by Ishbel’s ability to hone in on exactly the right exercises you need.

Curious what the Movement Therapy process is like? Read this blog post to


Ishbel’s clinical experience in movement therapy modalities like yoga, Pilates, M.E.L.T, circuit training, sports conditioning and meditation infuse every area of her work and create a dynamic array of exercises to meet the changing needs of your body.

Curious what the Movement Therapy process is like? Read this blog post to


Benefits of personalized

Movement Therapy


Develop your unique workout.

Move at your own pace.

Modify exercises for your body.

Nurture a relationship with your body.


Address the source of your pain.
Recover from injury.
Manage chronic pain.
Exercise without pain.


Holistic approach.
Increase your performance.
Improve your range-of-motion.
Challenge your coordination.

Stories of healing

My clients are my greatest teachers. Read their inspiring stories here.


This is not your traditional gym workout. Ishbel knows her clients’ pain, goals and needs
like the back of her hand, and each class is built on this understanding.

Tuesday 7am Circuit Class

This class will challenge your strength, flexibility, cardio, & balance. Each class is unique, ensuring you and your body will never get bored. This is an intermediate class for Pilates students familiar with the foundations of Pilates looking for a real workout!

Don't be intimidated by the challenge - modifications of all exercises are always available, and Ishbel is constantly checking in with each of her clients to ensure the exercises are a good fit for their needs.


Learn Ishbel’s trade secrets to optimize every facet of your self-care. Here are just a few of the workshops on the docket for 2021:

  • Rest, Reset & Restore: Integrating Self-Care into your Every Day
  • Clean Beauty: The Endocrine System
  • Simple Back Pain Relief
  • Shoulder Pain 101
  • 21 Day Nutrition Quick Start: Optimize Digestion, Energy & Weight Loss

Private Sessions

Ishbel has been a yoga and Pilates instructor since 2002 and has spent thousands of hours working with people to optimize their biomechanics for pain relief and athletic performance.

This is for you if you need one-on-one attention for tricky physical limitations, chronic pain, and/or just want a workout specifically designed for you! Ishbel has spent thousands of hours helping people with low back pain, shoulder pain, toe name it, she’s worked with it! Every session is recorded so that you have step-by-step instructions for your home practice.

60-Minute Session

90-Minute Session



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