Breast Cancer Prevention Month

October is Breast Cancer Prevention Month, and in this blog we’ll dive into how gut health and estrogen levels are intertwined with an investigation into endometriosis; make a delicious roasted vegetable soup that’s perfect for the Fall; review the Breast Cancer Prevention Partners recommendations for protecting yourself from endocrine disrupting chemicals; watch a preview of HBO’s “Not So Pretty” documentary.

How gut health impacts estrogen levels & the progression of endometriosis.

The Surprising Link Between Endometriosis & Gut Health

Fall Flavors: Roasted Vegetable Soup

Roasted Vegetable Soup Tutorial Video

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Check out the recommendations from Breast Cancer Prevention Partners.

Breast Cancer Prevention Partners

HBO’s “Not So Pretty” documentary is a must watch for understanding how the chemicals in beauty products impact health and disease.

Are you interested in resolving chronic gut issues, balancing your hormones & getting your energy back or diving into your metabolic health? I’ve got you covered!

The IshbelWELL Detox program is a one month program that is sure to revitalize your diet along with your hormones. Clients who’ve done this program RAVE about it. Expect to lose weight, balance your mood and lay the foundation for balancing your hormones.

Prior to the program, I was struggling with constipation, bloating, feeling sluggish and exhausted all day and suffering from severe brain fog. During the detox, I lost 15 pounds, had mental clarity, an abundance of energy, lost all sugar cravings and was relieved of my constipation and bloating.

Jess B.

The IshbelWELL Gut Healing Program is built on two tests: the GI Map and the MRT. The GI Map uses DNA polymerase to map out your gut microbiome as well as gut function. You’ll get a front seat view of why you’re struggling with digestive and / or hormonal symptoms. In addition, we use a food sensitivity test called the MRT which is 93% accurate. (Skin prick tests for food sensitivities are about 30% accurate).

Gut Healing Program

I have not felt this good in years. My symptoms are gone. I am able to eat a wide variety of foods again. My energy has increased. My anxiety has decreased and I feel whole again. I now know my triggers and have the wisdom to do what is right for me and my body.

Joy C.

The IshbelWELL Hormone Healing Program utilizes hormone and adrenal testing to understand exactly where your fatigue, irregular menstrual cycle, sexual dysfunction, PMS and/or infertility are coming from.

After not getting my period on a regular basis for years, it now comes every 28 days! My energy is back, my weight has normalized and the blood sugar crashes that used to be a daily occurrence are gone!

Ellie W.

The IshbelWELL Yearly Membership Program is a great choice for graduates of other IshbelWELL programs as well as new clients. If you’re tired of your doctor telling you your bloodwork looks “great” but you feel like hell, this program is for you. If you need support and guidance on the best nutrition and lifestyle choices for your thyroid, blood sugar, digestion, liver, immune system, kidneys & adrenal glands, this program is for you!

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