Black Lives Matter and My Business


When COVID-19 hit, our family like so many others were faced with hard choices and financial uncertainty.

Over night I rebooted my little wellness business after having taken time off when my daughter was born.

The last few months have been nothing short of miraculous as I’ve watched my business expand at break-neck speed. I am so grateful.

Wellness business or not, business is business and it takes A LOT of time and effort. And, as one of my heroes, Brene Brown, says “first time stuff sucks”. There have been technology meltdowns, system breakdowns, shattered iPads and my own fear and insecurity.

There have been a lot of 15 hour work days, and baby kisses I was too busy to get.
And, I’m SO privileged to be able to build this business. A LOT of people would never have had the opportunity to do this in the first place.

As I make plans for the future trajectory of my business, I am reflecting on how I can show up better as an individual and also as a business – especially for BIPOC who I’m learning are categorically disenfranchised from wellness communities and resources.

This should have been starkly apparent to me before, but it wasn’t. I was actively oblivious.

There is no end date to this process or a box I can check. I suspect it will be an ever-evolving unlearning, education and building to affect my small corner of influence.
What affects one of us affects us all.

Sitting with other people’s suffering is painful and necessary to gain a deeper understanding of what the path forward is. And while I will never understand another person’s struggles I can strive to listen and to learn and hopefully in time contribute to the solution and not the problem. I hope to be a part of building a world I can be proud to share with my daughter.

Words fall short and don’t mean much without action behind them. While I have a lot to learn and understand, I’m determined to add my voice & action to the choir of people who are searching for, reflecting on and courageously building a more just and loving world.

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