Guess what? FAT is actually really, deliciously, indisputably good for you!


Fat has gotten a really bad rap over the last fifty years. The low-fat craze has left a cascade of health issues in it’s wake and has spawned an entire economy around processed foods masquerading as health food. If you’re thinking, “I thought I was supposed to eat a low fat diet?” Think again. Have you ever noticed that those low fat crackers you buy at the grocery store also have sugar as one of their main ingredients? not to mentioned grains that have been molested to the point of being harmful rather than helpful to your body. Oh, and did you notice that soybean oil? Yeah, that stuff is really not good for you. Do you think fat makes you fat? You’re in luck! It doesn’t! You can enjoy your food again and stop depriving yourself of what naturally tastes delicious. Fat!

Fat is imperative to good health. Fat is the foundation of every cell and every function in our bodies. Fats dictate our hormonal health, blood sugar regulation, gallbladder health, immune response, etc. , etc. , etc! HOWEVER! Not all fats are created equal and many “fats” that are found in processed foods are incredibly detrimental to your health. All processed fats like margarine, canola oil and soy-based oils should be eradicated from your diet and replaced with beneficial fats like butter, animal fat (chicken, goose, lard), fat from whole dairy, olive oil and some of the more fragile oils like flax seed oil and cod liver oil. 

Read the label! Here’s what you’re looking for on your healthy fat label: organic, first-cold pressed or cold-pressed, expeller-pressed, unrefined, extra virgin. Here’s what you want to avoid: refined, hydrogenated, partially-hydrogenated, cold-processed (Looks a lot like cold-pressed. Don’t be fooled!) 

Cooking with Fat: the best fats to cook with are saturated fats. If you’re concerned about heart disease, avoid hydrogenated oils. Saturated fat is fuel for your heart and essential to your health. Different fats are good for different temperatures: 

Ghee 480 degrees
Macadamia Nut oil 410 degrees 
Beef Tallow 400 degrees 
Duck fat 375 degrees
Lard/bacon Fat 375 degrees
Avocado oil 375 degrees 
Coconut oil 350 degrees
Olive oil 350 degrees 
Walnut oil 320 degrees
Butter 300 degrees 

Best for drizzling over food and not cooking with: flaxseed oil, hemp seed oil, pumpkin seed oil. 

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