Transform Your Life with me in 2023!

I am excited to announce the plans and programs that I will be offering in 2023!

To join the IshbelWELL wait list and be the first in the know for when programs open as well as special opportunities to join the programs at a reduced rate, click HERE.


In February, my Hormone Healing Program will launch for the first time. This program has been my passion for the last 6 months, and I’m so excited to watch it take flight and help people get their sleep, productivity, vitality, weight and oh yes – hormones in check.


With this online detox program you’ll not only feel better and lose weight in four weeks or less, but you’ll also get the education and the tools to change your body for a lifetime. Ishbel’s Signature Detox Program is a highly personalized and time-tested approach that will meet you where you are and support you along the journey to feeling and looking good. You’ll learn my “crazy” approach to detox – you actually eat real food, unlike other programs that limit you to detox shakes and fresh squeezed juices.

This program is included in my Hormone Healing Program, but I’ll be also offering it as a stand-alone program.


In June, the newest edition of the Gut Healing Program will launch, and it will be all gussied up with new educational videos for each module as well as a group support call so that you can get a little bit of perspective on how far you’ve come, and that you are not alone in the struggle that is a happy tummy and healthy choices. (If group support isn’t for you – never fear. It’s not required).

NUTRITION REVOLUTION: Heal Your Gut, Harmonize Your Hormones, Transform Your Life

I’ll be looking for clients to go through this program for free starting in April so that I can get feedback on what’s working and what’s not while I build it. If you, like me, wonder how you could have graduated from college unable to balance your checkbook and your blood sugar, this program will satisfy the latter. (Sorry – I am absolutely horrendous at math. I blame my genetics and PTSD from 6th grade algebra.) This program will give you an education on everything from how to choose the right can of tuna for your hormone balance (I know this sounds like a joke, but unfortunately it’s really not) to a deep-dive tutorial on how to eat for optimal athletic performance.


In the Fall, Jan and I will be shifting the Simple Back Relief Program onto a whole new platform so that my 20 years of experience mastering the healing modalities for back pain will literally be at your fingertips. If you were an OG of this program, thank you AND I’m bringing in live workshop-style classes so that I can answer all of your questions in-person.


The last Thursday of every month at 6:30 pm PST, I’ll be hosting a Virtual Spa Night where we can drink our beverage of choice; experience the relaxing and wrinkle-eliminating magic of gua sha; laugh hysterically while doing yoga for the face (I seriously crack myself up when I do this, and it’s super fun to do it in a group while we all have face masks on); learn about the highly complicated world of beauty products; and most importantly – enjoy each other’s company. Another lifetime ago I was an aesthetician, so yes, I’ll be bringing all of my skin know-how to the table along with a few funny stories that are probably only appropriate for adult audiences. (If you have kids I’ll give you a head’s up to mute your computer, and I’ll tell you the story another time!)


All this year Jan and I will be putting together one behemoth of a program – the IshbelWELL app. The IshbelWELL app will be your one-stop-shop for all things self-care with an emphasis on hormone balance, gut healing and chronic pain. The app will house yoga, pilates & meditation classes, cooking classes, recipes, physiology tutorials, workbooks, journals and daily self-care and female cycle tracking capabilities.

I hope to see you all in any or ALL of my programs and events in 2023 and look forward to helping you achieve your wellness goals.

To join the IshbelWELL wait list and be the first in the know for when programs open as well as special opportunities to join the programs at a reduced rate, click HERE.

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