Clam Fritters: My favorite meal of all time!

My husband and I have been together since 2011, and in that time we’ve gone on more trips to the coast than I can count. These trips are sometimes not all that they are cracked up to be (my Fred Meyer Vacation was one for the record books), but we make memories and really good food.

Hands down our favorite coast activity is razor clam digging, and now we get to share that activity with our daughter.

Long Beach, Washington
Long Beach, Washington

Long Beach Washington is famous for its razor clam digging. The schedule for digging changes all of the time and depends on the tides and the health of the ocean from day to day. You can learn more about this by clicking HERE.

This past June we went to Long Beach with friends and hit the razor clam jackpot!

There are two different ways to get clams. My preferred method is the clam gun…

razor clam digging
Razor Clam digging

…or there’s the old fashioned way…

After a fun-filled day at the ocean, we took our clams to a local shop to have them cleaned and prepped. We used to clean the clams ourselves, but for twenty-five cents a clam its worth it to have someone else clean them.

My husband is an amazing cook, and over the years he’s perfected this clam fritter recipe. These clam fritters make for a great appetizer, but if you become obsessed with them as I am you’ll want them as the main course!

Clam Fritters recipe

To watch me make these fritters, check out the video:

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