January 05th, 2021


Over the course of my life I’ve been collecting a series of self care practices to help reset my nervous system every day.  There are two different modes of the nervous system: the parasympathetic (rest and digest state) and the sympathetic (fight and flight state). The majority of us predominantly live in the sympathetic state, and the constant demands of our lives make it difficult to flux between stress and rest. 

Thus, it’s so helpful to have some easy and convenient go-to self care practices to integrate into daily life. Here’s a list of my top 5 practices:

  1. Pranayama: is a form of meditation and breathing that manipulates the breath to quiet the mind. These are powerful practices that will shift your mood and your energy in 30 seconds flat. 
  2. Kundalini yoga: when I was in college I found kundalini yoga, and it fundamentally changed my life. While college offers all sorts of opportunities to experiment with drugs, my kundalini practice brought me such an incredible sense of euphoria I didn’t see the point in experimenting with anything else! 
  3. Restorative yoga is my absolute love and epitomizes rest and restore while providing an aching body with a good stretch. 
  4. Face, foot & hand massage: another lifetime ago I was an aesthetician. Half of the joy of going to get a fascial is the treat of a massage. Just a couple of minutes spent massaging specific acupressure points can utterly transform a stressed soul. 
  5. Journaling: I’ve kept a journal since I was seven-years-old. It’s been an essential cornerstone of my life and has helped me navigate choppy waters. Journaling is perfectly paired with yoga and meditation as a means of capturing the wisdom these quiet practices imbibe. 

If you want to deep dive into these practices, join me for my FREE Rest and Restore Workshop on…Don’t let the FREE part throw you off. I can promise you that I put my heart and soul into every workshop, free or otherwise, and you’ll come away from this experience with a renewed sense of restoration and rest that you can touch into on the regular with these daily practices.  To register, click HERE

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