Air Fry Carrot “Long Chips”


Air Fry Carrot Chips

To slice these carrots into thin strips, I break the carrot in half and then put it in the food processor with the slicer attachment on which creates thinly sliced carrot “chips”…okay, maybe “long chips” is a better way to describe this.

Then, I toss the carrot “long chips” in avocado oil and any spices of your choosing. To keep it simple try for garlic powder, salt and pepper.

Air fry on 350 degrees for 15-20 minutes. Keep an eye on these as they can burn before you’ve had a chance to say “yummy”!

CLICK HERE for the link to the Breville airfryer. Not only does it air fry, but it also slow cooks, baked and dehydrates too! 

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