Beat Up Pear Muffins


The perfect solution for beat-up pears. #GF and sweetened with dates. #gfbaking can be tricky for the digestive system due to all of the gluten free flours used. A lot of people become gluten free, and then continue to struggle with symptoms due to molecular mimicry – a process by which the #immunesystem “brushfire” style reacts to any food that resembles gluten. I struggled with grains for years not knowing that GF actually meant #grainfree for my body. These days I skip the gluten free baking mixes and go right for the almond flour. These muffins are moist and bouncy just like any self-respecting muffin should be. And they pass the best test of all – my picky babe eats them right up! #ishbelwell #noprocessedfoods #nosugar

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