Get at the Root Cause

I struggled with debilitating back pain, and then I figured out how to manage it.

How? I got at the root cause.

I discovered that my back pain was precipitated by hip pain.

Stretching and fascial release relieved the pain in my hip which created an opportunity to strengthen it with targeted exercises. Soon my hip didn’t hurt and voila! My back stopped hurting! Whoa.

The more committed I was to listening and to moving my body, the more information it shared and the better I felt.

Start the conversation! And ask your body these four questions:

  1. Do you feel pain in areas aside from your back?
  2. What symptoms precipitate your back pain?
  3. What activities aggravate your back?
  4. What activities alleviate your back pain?

The answers to these questions will change as your back heals. If running was once a trigger for your back pain (as it was for me), the correct series of exercises could restore your ability to run pain free.

After 15 years of working with people in chronic pain, I’ve seen that cyclical patterns exist in everyone.


Read about my struggle with low back pain in this blog post: “A few seconds can change everything.

Download my Body Talk worksheet below so that you can better understand what your body is communicating to you.

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