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As we age, the cells in our skin turnover less often. In our early twenties, the skin turns over at a rate of 14-21 days. In our fifties, it turns over at a rate of 60-90 days. Taking care of our cells holistically with a multi-faceted approach of food, movement and clean products can improve not only the look of the skin, but can improve the symmetry of our hormones and thus lead to a better quality of life.

Starting April 21st, I’ll be offering a complimentary five-day email workshop on eating, moving and caring for your skin.  This is a super fun workshop for me to create because it draws together my training as an Aesthetician, Nutritional Therapist, and Pilates and yoga therapist.

This Skincare 101 course will provide you with the clear action steps and information you need to start making changes today to not only improve the look and feel of your skin, but heal your body from the inside out so that your skin naturally glows.  

Included in this workshop is a deluxe sample package sent directly to your house. I’ll include the products that are best suited to your skin.

Every day for five days you’ll receive an email with content, videos and tutorials broken down into the following modules:

Day 1: How to Love on Your Hormones  

If you’ve wanted to join me for my Clean Beauty: The Endocrine System workshop, but haven’t been able to attend, this is a great opportunity to learn a little about your hormones and how to support your health by changing your personal care products.  

Day 2: How to Pick Quality Skincare Products 

I’ll introduce you to the Environmental Working Group, and guide you on how to check the ingredients in your personal care products. I’ll also share my list of favorite personal care products with you.  I’m a sales rep for Beautycounter and love their skincare regimens, but I also have test-run everything from toothpaste to diaper cream and can give you the skinny on what works and what doesn’t. 

Day 3: How to Eat for Glowing Skin 

No matter how dialed in your skincare regimen is, your insides – especially your gut and your hormones – will be the biggest determining factor in how your skin looks and feels.  We’ll dive into why your gut health is so important to your hormone health, and how to eat for optimal antioxidant support and hydration.  

Day 4: How to Move for Glowing Skin 

The muscles in the face and in the upper body can get set in their ways just like every other muscle in the body.  We work out for our bodies, but we rarely if ever work our faces out.  You’ll learn a quick series of facial massage techniques from my days as an aesthetician as well as a rejuvenating yoga pose that will improve your circulation as well as calm your nerves. 

Day 5: How to Care for Your Skin

Everyone’s skin needs a little something different.  I’ll explain the best regimens for oily, dry, fine lines, acne-prone, sensitive and combination skin types.  Have you ever wondered when the best time is to use a face mask and/or whether or not you need an exfoliator?  Are you confused by all of the different products available on the market and wondering what you need and what you can skip?  I’ve got you covered!

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